The Spondon Liberal Club rolls of honour are located in Moor Street, Spondon (kindly contributed to our project by Derek Hathaway of the Spondon Community Association
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Spondon Liberal Club Rolls of Honour

MEMBERS of SPONDON LIBERAL CLUB who have served in His Majesty's Forces during the Great War. 1914 – 1918.

Major Sir Herbert Raphael

Adams, Henry
Armitage, Paul
Aukland, William

Baker, Roland
Belfield, Gilbert

Cope, Louis
Cope, William
Camm, Charles *
Camm, Ernest
Camm, Walter
Camm, Victor
Coverley, Arthur *
Campbell, John
Cokayne, Robert
Cokayne, Frank
Coxon, Joseph
Chambers, Joseph
Clarke, Frederick
Clark, Thomas

Ditchfield, Douglas
Dean, Ernest
Dean, John
Dearing, Albert

Grundy, William
Gardner, Alfred

Holbrook, William *
Holmes, Oswald
Holmes, John *
Holmes, Lewis
Holmes, James
Holmes, Edward
Holmes, Harold
Hill, William *
Hooley, Frank
Harper, Thomas
Hastings, Charles
Horne, Leonard
Holbrook, Alfred

Jackson, William

Kingsbury, Henry
Kingsbury, Sidney
Kingsbury, Thomas

Lund, Goliath
Lane, Edward

Middleton, Henry *
Munn, James

Ordish, George

Potts, Richard
Painter, John *

Reeson, Frank
Richardson, Jack
Reynolds, Robert

Stevenson, John
Steadman, Thomas
Smyth, John
Shaw, Thomas
Sadler, George
Sadler, Percy
Smith, Percy
Stevens, Maurice
Sharp, John
Stevens, Robert

Tozeland, William

Walker, Samuel
Wren, Albert
Wilford, Henry
Walker, James *
Whysall, Ernest *
Walker, James
Whitemore, Arthur *
Winfield, Amos

* Denotes Fallen in the Great War

MEMBERS of SPONDON LIBERAL CLUB who have served in His Majesty's Forces during the Great War. 1939 – 1945.

Ashby, S. M.
Aukland, A.
Barnes, R. W.
Beardsmore, H.
Beardsmore, E. W.
Bowden, G. *
Blanchard, R.
Brearley, A.
Clayton, H. (Junr.)
Coxon, J. (Junr.) *
Daniels, F.
Downes, A. W. (Junr.)
Flixon, R.
Flixon, W. H.
Hackman, A. (Junr.)
Hatton, B.
Hicklin, S.
Holmes, J. (Junr.)
Hooley, E. R.
Kitchen, B. R.
Law, A. W.
Lord, J.
Lowe, J. (Junr.)
Murray, W.
Porter, J. F.
Raybourne, W.
Roberts, S.
Stevens, L.
Walker, J.
Wells, A.
Westerman, E.
Wheatley, J. E.
Wilson, J. (Junr.)
Wooley, S.
Wright, D.


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Photographs unless otherwise stated copyright of Chris Preston