St Helens House, King Street, Derby

War Memorials CH 363 OD War Memorial South elevation.jpg

First World War

C S Ayre

B M Badcock

E A Bassano

R V Beare

K Bemrose

R H Bemrose M.C.
L V Bennett

A F Bentley

H C Bernard

G W Brown

C J Cadman M.C.
A Chaplin

W G Christian

J F C Clarke

W C Conley M.C.
W H C Cooke

R H Coxon

V A B Cranwill M.C.
D A L Derry

R F Domleo

R I Doncaster

B V R Downman

T J Duesbury

T C M Edwards

W E Else

A C T Frith

A C Fry

B D F Goldie

R G Gratton

H J Graves M.C.
C E Hardy

P P Harrison

J Hunter

J Kershaw

H B Lynch

H C Melville

N H V Mills

G B Moon

R A Moon M.C.
W L Mugliston

F F Munro

C H Nicholson

A W B Orr

C A Orton

L C Palmer

P Boam

F C Player

R W K Reid

F S Riches

R A Roe

T E F Russell

H W Sargent

C D Scott

G S Shannon M.C.
C S Smith M.C.
M W A Smith

S C Smith

G S Sowter

U H E Sowter

K C Steven

A Stone

F D Stones M.C.
G C Stones

J C Swindell

C C H Tripp

D O H Tripp D.S.O.
E R Wilmshurst

G D Wilson

W J Wilson

War Memorials CM 002 - Derby School WW1 Memorial Plaque.JPG
Commemorative Plaque in respect of the Derby School Memorial, which was originally in the old School Chapel

Second World War

L V Andrews

D W Arkwright

C P Bailie

R B Basford

L T Bishop

N Blake

J C Bradley

P E Butterworth

G A Cockayne

G Cornish

J A G Cruikshank

P M Davies

D S Fletcher

D W Glass

S Grundy

P Haldenby

E E Hives

S Hodgkinson

G E Holland

E Holmes

C F Kirby

H B Mitton

K P Mitton

A I T Moir

H P D Morgan

A S Morley

W H Pannell

T R Paxton

K R J Pennington

C D Pritchard

F H Ridley

R Grimshaw

R J Riley

A J Roberts

G J Robinson

P W Sanford

J W Sankey

N B Scott

M S Smith

B W Stalvies

L D Stratford

L C Thornton

M W Unsworth

M F Weir

L Whittingham

J Willatt

J A Williamson

J G M Young

Not Commemorated on the War Memorial:

K R S Moorley

Boer War Memorial

War Memorials CM 001 - Derby School Boer War Memorial.JPG
Derby School Boer War Memorial Plaque, currently on display at the Derby Moor Community Sports College (formerly the site of the new Derby Grammar School built in 1966)

John Anthony Spreckley

Alexander Frederic Wallis

Gerard Chilton Bailey

Francis Henry Snowden

John Whyley Chell

War Memorials CH 364 OD War Memorial West WWI & WWII.jpg

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OLD DERBEIAN SOCIETY, Derby School Former Students, St Helen's House,...

The Old Derbeian Society is a society for the former Pupils of Derby School and Derby Grammar School. The society strives to keep former pupils in touch for social and sporting activities. The Society continues to maintain strong ties to the present school.|By guthrie whitby