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Roll of Honour, All Saints Church, Mackworth (photographed by Dave Loydall)

(Researched and contributed by Dave Loydall)
In the 14th century church of All Saints in Mackworth Village, alongside the font, hangs a framed record of the men of the church’s congregation who fought for King and Country covering both world wars.
Next to the names of six of those men from the First World War is added, in red, their fate.
They are:-
J.E. Keene (Killed in Action 30th November 1918)
Richard Bryer (Killed in Action)
R F Murfin (Died of wounds in Germany 1917)
George Walter Lee (Killed in Action)
J Thorpe (Killed in Action)
J P Lawrence (Killed in action 6th August 1918)
It is perhaps an opportune time, one hundred years since the start of that conflict to remember those men and recall their lives, work, families and fate.
The roll was completed after the 2nd World War and some of the details recorded are believed to be in error. In compiling this information, reference has been made to the Commonwealth War Graves Commission, the census for 1881, 1891, 1901 and 1911. In addition to these records, press reports from the Derby Daily Telegraph have also been quoted.

The other names on the roll of honour are as follows:

E. Bloor

W. Caldwell

N. F. Kyles-Mallet

W. J. Machin

W. H. M. Mitchell

H. B. McMinn

E. S. Moulton-Barnett

C. D. Newland

C. Simpson

W. Tunnicliffe

J. Tunnicliffe

N. Cousins

E. C. Smith

E. M. Pybus

C. M. Hobson

L. H. Worlledge

Thos. W. Smith

Fred Lewis

Albert Haynes

Arthur Adams

Herbert Jesson

F. D. Turner

Frederick Boast

Henry Wm. Hutchings

E. S. Litherland

R. F. Moon

R. W. R. Mills

John L. Machin

Harold Rogers

George Hammond

Percy Bradshaw

Frank W. Jagger

Basil J. Murfin

W. J. Sullivan (Canada)

Timothy Litherland

Wm. Maddocks (Australia)

Thos. Radford (N. Zealand)

Chas. Henry Biddulf

Francis Kerby Murfin

George Stephen Smith

Walter Easterfield

William Abel

Arthur Abel

John Shephard

Fred West

Joe Warner

Job Bull

C. Radford

Ronald Bryer

Alfred Litherland

Jesse Gibbs

George Prosser

Frank Dyke

John Chadwick

Gordon Darnell

Norman Sabine

Trevor Spalton

Wilfred Radford

H. Barker

Joseph B. Richardson

J. M. Trelawny

A. E. Barber

C. Kent

J. Taylor

William Cotteril

John Hughes

Alfred Beck

G. S. G. (Sydney) Feather

J. E. Beighton

Alan B. Pybus

Jasper Kirkland

Harry Kirkland

Hugo Mellor

George Adams